Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday Report

Today was a good day. Together we got a lot of things done. Here are a few of the highlights.

We planted our garden. Since we only have a one acre lot, and most of that is dedicated to a Limestone and Prairie Grass Preserve, we opted for a container garden in large metal baskets.

Anna and I made little pictures to label the many metal storage bins we have picked up at Ikea over the last few years. The photos really help. Now when it's time to get a pair of sterile rubber gloves, we don't need to search through the Barbies and wooden train sets to get find them.

I mowed the front lawn. There is no photographic evidence.

Kara organized her large metal storage bin. This one came from the Home Depot. Please resist the temptation to fill it with empty banana peels.

I took care of my bi-weekly grooming. No more combs, brushes, gels, or mousse - just a No. 2 clipper guard and a steady hand.



Kara was busy in the kitchen: cooking, deboning, and pureeing three game hens. I'm glad she's up for it, because I H.A.T.E. deboning poultry. The smaller the bird, the bigger the problem.

I was busy in the kitchen, too. These are gluten-free buckwheat blueberry waffles. The batter was interesting, but the waffles are tasty.

We closed out the day with a trip to the playground at Alyssa's school

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samantha said... guys got a lot of stuff done! i'm jealous!! i really wanna try and plant a garden. i attempted a few herbs, but both times they died. i think i'll try again! i love your idea of the metal buckets. i don't have a very big yard, so i think i might copy your idea, besides its decorative too!