Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Task List Continues

Kara has come home for a trial overnighter. So far, so good - she is now thinking of staying the whole weekend which is great!

Since I got such great feedback on my last list of tasks, I thought I would post a few more. These were done this week in addition to doing my "day job" and the general cleaning tasks that needed to be done in preparation for Kara's triumphant return.

Hang curtains - the bright primary colors give warmth and whimsy to our otherwise "industrial" decor. Six in the living room, plus one in the piano room.

Mount the microwave. The outside vent still needs attaching, but that's maybe another 30 minutes.

Assemble bar stools. It makes no sense to have a 16 foot bar and only one stool.

I have still quite a bit to do - three more curtains in Kara's room, two more mirrors in the bathroom, assemble and use our new lawnmower, and hang the miracle door.

Plus, the wild Texas weather we had last night knocked down seven sections of our back fence. Fortunately, that was the only damage we suffered, and no one was injured. Unless you count losing an hour of all-too-precious sleep due to rain, wind, and thunder.


Queen of Chaos said...

Sweet! She's home, home at last. Even if it's a trial- just the idea that she can stay the weekend it a wonderful step in the right direction. This is wonderful and happy news!!!!!!

You've done a magnificent job with your home, Jonly! I'm very impressed. Warren would never, and I mean never, do what you have. I think you're so cool!

Annette Lyon said...

Way to get so much done and Mr. Handy! I'm impressed. Love the stools especially. Took me about ten years to finally get some stools for my counter, and I adore them.