Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Just a few quick updates, because I'm sure you want to know.

We are house-guest-less as of yesterday. Everything went well, as expected. Alyssa misses her new friend.

The biggest of the five boxes that came via various shippers today was 70 lbs of grass-fed meat. I called it our "mail order cow," but there was lamb and buffalo in there, too. No yak or kangaroo - that comes from a different place.

Kara went to the store today and did her grocery shopping by herself. I had worked my schedule to do this trip, so having her take it came as a very pleasant surprise. I celebrated by mowing the lawn.

The possum has not been seen since Saturday. Still, knowing that a possum has been around makes one a little jumpy when unloading 70 lbs of grass-fed meat into the freezer in the garage and the water softener starts to recharge.


Queen of Chaos said...

Ok, so the Possum running free is scary- real scary!
Not only is it frigtening but this picture you have here shows that it's a probable Vampire/Bobcat/Furbie on the loose ready to pounce on anyone at anytime and will draw blood! eeeekkkkkkkkk

I'm glad to read that you are getting lots done and that Kara has more and more energy. :)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Yak and kangaroo? Seriously?

Don said...

There is yak and kangaroo in the freezer, and Kara eats it regularly now, along with the ostrich, pheasant, rabbit, and elk - among other things. We buy them here.

When Kara was sick and not eating, I thought of running a "Best Yak Recipe" contest on the blog, to use up the yak patties in the freezer. But fortunately I don't need to do that now.