Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tagged for Seven

I was tagged twice - on 15 Minutes of Delusion by Josi, and on 90,000 Words of Delusion by Kim. I toyed with the idea of playing twice, but I was doing good to finish this once.

1. As a child, I was a bit of a clown. On my eighth birthday, my mom brought a cake for my class. Walking back to my desk with my piece in hand, I saw some paper on the floor. I successfully managed to step on the paper and have it slide out from under my foot. I then proceeded to intentionally and strategically fall forward, avoiding pain and injury but planting my nose squarely in the middle of my cake. The class roared with laughter. Priceless.

2. One of my favorite practical jokes as a child was to take fun snaps (those little noise makers) and gently set them under the pads of the toilet seat. Yeah, that would make you pee your pants if they weren't already down.

3. My English 315 Professor was impressed enough with my term paper that he suggested I submit it for publication. I sent it in to the only two magazines I subscribed to, which really had very little to do with the topic of the paper. Not surprisingly, I got back my first (and so far only) rejection letters.

4. I played the synthesizer in the Kahuku Marching Band my 8th grade year (Kahuku High was 7th-12th back then). The little Moog hooked up to a large speaker on wheels, which was pushed around by a couple of other kids. This was cutting edge for 1981, and the setup made the nightly news. There was only enough juice in the car batteries to power the rig for about a third of the show, so the rest of the time I marched with a big xylophone strapped to my back.

5. I enjoy cooking. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when one of my missionary companions offered to always do the dishes if I would do all the cooking.

6. I've created recipes for a dozen different types of flavored apple butter, including Caramel Bliss, Purple Passion #2 and Razamataz. I dream of building a small commercial kitchen and selling the stuff some day. For now, I must be content to walk the preserves aisle of the grocery store and lament "They still aren't carrying Summer Dream!"

7. I like golf, but never get to go. I can count all the rounds I have played in my life without taking my shoes off. I once played in a charity golf tournament at the challenging Thanksgiving Point course as the representative of the recipient charity. It was "best ball" format, meaning everyone on the team played from the location of the best hit, speeding play significantly. Halfway through the 17th hole, my team actually used my hit - I was very happy.

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