Friday, April 25, 2008

The Houseguest

We have a guest staying at our house. No, it's not Sinbad. And I think the situation will work out a little better than what happened in the movie. What happened in the movie, anyway? I can't remember if I saw this one, or just the previews.

Anyway, one of Kara's friends from Dallas was in need of a place to stay, and Kara has offered the use of our spare bedroom. The one that was being used as storage. Now, this is the lady that Kara stayed with several days a week for six months, so we all know her pretty well, and I expect things will work out OK.

I've known for a few days that she might be coming, but yesterday Kara let me know she was going to be staying for sure, and would be following her home. That gave me about 4 hours to get the house guest-ready. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

But I managed to get the basics, like clean the toilet and find the floor in her room and get the sheets washed. As it happens, she's the fastidious one, so as long as she can put up with our organizational chaos for a little while we'll be OK.

Maybe she can teach us a few things while she's here.

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Queen of Chaos said...

Record breaking time on getting ready for a guest, Jonly! Way to go!

We've had several of my siblings live with us at one time or another. Along with one of my sisters with her teo children. It isn't always easy but there's really the positives too. Look for the positivews MORE and you won't go as insane. {speaking from experience.}

I think it's wonderful that you and Kara are opening your home to this woman. Especially since she's helped out Kara. I am sure she's grateful for your kindness. :)