Sunday, April 27, 2008

An Interview About My Saturday

Me 1: So, it's Kara's first full weekend home.

Me 2: Yup, that's right. The first Saturday I didn't have to go to Dallas in I don't know how long.

Me 1: Wow, that's great. I bet it was good to stay at home and tackle some of those big projects on your list.

Me 2: What? I didn't stay home and do projects. No, although I didn't have to go to Dallas, I went to or through just about every other city in the Metroplex.

Me 1: You didn't stay home?

Me 2: No, I went to Fort Worth, and Hurst, and Bedford...

Me 1: But I thought you had things that needed to be done.

Me 2: ...Euless, Grapevine, Coppell...

Me 1: What about your project list?

Me 2: ... Plano, The Colony, Frisco...

Me 1: Okay, already! I think we get the point!

Me 2: Sorry.

Me 1: So, what exactly were you doing in all of these places?

Me 2: Shopping.

Me 1: Shopping? For what?

Me 2: Bottles, breadboxes, beds, binder clips, that kind of thing. It was a retail therapy day at Ikea. There was a Costco too. And Office Max, and...

Me 1: I see. So you went and bought things at Ikea. Things that, if I understand Ikea's strategy correctly, require some assembly. Am I right?

Me 2: Yeah. I need to put together the bed and hang the towel rack and..

Me 1: Hold it! So what you're telling me is you had a perfectly good Saturday you could have used to actually complete projects that are already on your list, and instead you went out and bought stuff for new projects?

Me 2: Yeah, pretty much.

Me 1: And you didn't finish any existing projects?

Me 2: Nope. Well, actually I hung the last two mirrors in the bathroom, but other than that, no.

Me 1: No lawn mowing? No garage cleaning? No miracle door hanging? And what about the rest of the curtains?

Me 2: Kara chased a possum out of the garage. It was eating the cat's food.

Me 1: That doesn't count! Kara did that, not you, and it's hardly a project.

Me 2: No, I guess you're right. Oh, well. There's always next Saturday.


Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm loving that you said Kara chased the possum. That gives me a mental picture of someone who's feeling better. I couldn't be happier!

Queen of Chaos said...

This is a great post, Jonly. :) Very funny and I think it's AWESOME you like shopping at too!