Monday, September 14, 2009

Swirly Cookies and a Pizza Surprise

I like making cookies for the girls to take in their lunches, and yesterday I decided to be a little bit creative and try my hand at chocolate swirl sugar cookies.

I started by making a double batch of sugar cookie dough. I took half of the dough out of the mixer and added cocoa to the remaining half.

I then rolled out the dough on the counter. I should have rolled it out onto parchment paper or plastic wrap, but that was one of the lessons learned.

If I had rolled the dough onto a movable surface, stacking the two rectangles of dough would have been a snap. But as it was, I had to cut the chocolate dough into squares and place it piece by piece on the white dough.

I then rolled the dough into a log or snake or worm or whatever you want to call it. This task would have also been easier if the dough were on plastic wrap, but I made it work.

After a few hours in the fridge, the dough was firm enough to cut into cookie sized slices. It had flattened under its own weight, but I have no problem with ovaloid cookies. We're easy around here.

Mmmm. The finished project. Chocolaty, but not too much so.

Then, since the creative juices were already flowing, I decided to do a stuffed crust on our pizza. That turned out really nice, too.

What fun things have you been doing in the kitchen?


Pink Ink said...

Wow, that looks yummy!

As for me, I let my 14 year old fix dinner for the family last night. The works! :-) She's a great cook. I love it.

Renee K said...

That Pizza looks great, I have never had luck with pizza crust but I have made a version of those cookies using mint chocolate chips.

Mine came out ovoid too, don't know how to avoid that!

Josi said...

YUM! These sound awesome--I've never done either one, but I totally should!

Holladay Photo said...

Great posts- Congrats on where you are in the book publishing process!

I would LOVE your bread recipe- thank you so much! We are really excited to start doing this! Either paste in the comment box or my email is


Elizabeth said...

Can I just join the crowd and say...YUM! I'm thinking we might have to try the cookies. The pizza, I just have to drool over. Homemade pizza and I are not friends.

Sydney said...

Awesome cookies! And your pizza looks great. I've been making pizza for our family, too, and recently my daughter asked if we could try that stuffed crust thing... How did you do it?

Don said...

The pizza crust was really easy - I just rolled the dough so the diameter was about two inches bigger than normal, cut two or three cheese sticks into fourths lengthwise, laid them out around the perimeter and folded the dough over the cheese.

Easy, cheesy!