Sunday, September 20, 2009

Alyssa Jumps and Eats an Odd Snack

Alyssa has been trying to jump for years, but she's never quite made it off of the ground. They've worked on this with her in physical and occupational therapy, but she just hasn't had the leg strength. She'd bend her knees and spring up, but her feet never left the ground.

Earlier this year, she began jumping in the pool whenever we went swimming. It was her thing to do, and she did it a lot.

Then today, she called us excitedly to come watch her. Lo and behold, Alyssa can finally jump.

Maybe it was the high-powered snack she had me make this afternoon that finally allowed her to catch some air.

Yes, that's pickles and whipped cream. No, I didn't try it to see how it tasted. Yes, she ate it all.


!nge said...

YAY for Alyssa! As for the snack ... hmmm?

Sydney said...

Great Jumping!

But gag on the snack!