Friday, August 21, 2009

Tucker Avoids The Vet - For Now

Tucker boy is at it again. He needs an operation to curb his social life.

The trouble with Tucker is that he's not completely domesticated. He comes and goes at will, and really doesn't have much of a schedule. Sometimes he's around in the mornings, sometimes he's not. Sometimes we don't see him for days at a time. This means he's a hard kitty to make appointments for.

So the recent strategy is this: Get a big box, check the garage every morning, and if Tucker's there, put him in the box.

It was a good plan, and almost worked.

I found a great box in the attic. It's been there for a few years, but it was one of the few that hasn't been broken down. I brought it into the garage.

This morning, there was rain. And thunder and lightening. The perfect kind of day for a kitty to come inside. Which he did.

Now, Tucker likes to be petted. So all it took was a little bit of tuna and a few minutes of gentle petting before I made my move. Tucker wasn't happy when I picked him up, but he didn't try and get away until I started setting him down inside the box. But the box was big enough that he couldn't get hold of the top, and I managed to get him down inside with a minimum of damage to my person. Mission accomplished.

Then things went bad.

It seems that hot, humid attic air can sometimes cause box glue to degrade to the point that a strong, determined kitty can bust the seams clean open.


I figure it will be at least a week before Tucker will let me near enough to try again. It may even be much, much longer.

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Josi said...

Cats: Almost as east to command as children and spouses :-) Good luck.