Sunday, August 30, 2009

August Dallas Adventure

It seems like last year I was driving the 50 miles to Dallas at least twice a week, and often even more.

This year, I've managed to go for months without making the trip. So yesterday's Dallas drive was actually kind of a treat.

While Kara was living in the condos, we met a family with a set of twins right about Anna's age, and the kids really got along well. So when Kara found that Noah and Olivia were back in town (and bored out of their minds) we decided to plan a Saturday afternoon excursion.

I put the camera in the van, and managed to leave it there the whole afternoon. You'll have to settle for photos stolen from various sites around the internet.

Our first stop was the Rock Barrell, a rock and bead store.

Tons of rocks and minerals and fossils and beads.

Anna and Olivia were in heaven. Noah enjoyed it too, I think, but seemed ready to go when Alyssa finally ran out of interest.

We then went to the Galleria of Dallas - a huge shopping center on the north side of town. The large skating rink in the center is one of it's most distinguishing features, and it was quite a sight from four stories up.

Then the girls wanted to go to the American Girl store. Noah- not so much. So he and I hung out at the Sony Style store.

We had a good time, and I think Noah and Olivia were especially glad to get out and do something fun for the afternoon.

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Kathi Oram Peterson said...

I visited Dallas a couple of years ago. Fun city.