Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Correct Way to End the Summer

What could possibly better than a late summer pool party?

How about two late summer pool parties, both on the same day!

The girls had a Primary swim activity yesterday morning, and a friend party in the afternoon. I (deludedly) planned on getting a lot of errands and chores done while they were swimming and bobbing and playing away.

Unfortunately, Alyssa's wire came loose from her braces, and I was called in early to do some emergency fix-it work. Why does this always happen on the weekend when the ortho's office is closed?

I'm sure half of the Primary kids were traumatized by the way she screamed bloody murder every time I got close to her wire with the nail clippers, but eventually - with the help of the party's hostess - we got the wire snipped, and that was that.

Fortunately, there were no problems the rest of the day. The girls had a great end-0f-summer Saturday, and despite it all I managed to get a few things done, too.

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