Sunday, August 9, 2009

A SeaWorld Overnighter, Day 1

Last Christmas when I bought our season passes for SeaWorld, my plan was to do a summertime overnighter in addition to the handful of day trips. That excursion happend this past weekend.

The girls and I drove down Friday, leaving around 7:30, which was much later than previous trips. I didn't have the energy to get up earlier, and one of the main reasons for doing an overnighter was to stay late at the park, so it was easy to justify a late departure.

I was pretty much a cranky grouch the whole drive, but fortunately the girls didn't agitate me, so I was in a decent mood once we got there. We spent the bulk of the day swimming in the Lost Lagoon, which made the very hot day much more pleasant.

The lazy river ride was our favorite, once we finally convinced Alyssa to get into the tube. She would not, would not, WOULD NOT try it, then once she did, she was hooked. (She's been like that since birth - we are constantly saying "Try, try, Baby 'Lyss.")

There was a shortage of tubes, but they also had life vests you could use. The extra-large green ones were hard to come by, so for a while I had a couple of small ones wrapped around my arms like water wings. That was fun until the lifeguard made me take them off. :-(

Anna did a couple of slides, and we took a turn in the wave pool. Alyssa said she wanted a nap, so I found a beach chair in the shade and laid it all the way back. I knew it was a long shot, but if anyone could take a nap at a water park, it was Alyssa.

It didn't work. (Look just below the tree - that's the non-napping Alyssa in blue.)

At dinner time, we left the water park and went to the van, where delicious ham and cheese sandwiches awaited us. I had the foresight to crack all of the windows before we went into the park, so with a stiff breeze and our wet swimsuits, it was actually pretty comfortable in the van while we ate.

The rest also rejuvinated us, and we went in to watch a couple of special evening shows and ride on the Rio Loco, which got us all totally wet - which was OK, as we were still in our swimsuits.

Once we were done, we drove across town to my step brother Craig's house, where we enjoyed the hospitality of he and his wife, Tricia and their daugter, Ella. My plan was originally to stay in a hotel, but since they live close by they offered to let us stay with them. I'm glad we did, as it was fun getting to know them better.

And besides, I don't know of any hotel chain that offers a kitten to play with.

Coming up: Day 2!

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