Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

A Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Valentine's Day promises to be a low-key event around here. I made a special breakfast for the girls, consisting of (almost) heart-shaped sausage and toast embellished with a red jam heart. Also, there was cocoa in heart-covered mugs and apple juice with a splash of heart-colored cherry thrown in.

Things got off to a chilly start, as the thermostat decided to not engage the heater this morning, but it reconsidered once I removed it from and reattached it to the wall.

Also, the matching black heart-covered shirt and red stretch pant outfits I laid out last night ran afoul of the prepubescent fashion police. Fortunately that only lasted for a few minutes, and ended when the blue and white hoodie (not part of the original ensemble) was removed.

I'm working the "early shift" here today, and we'll be headed for Dallas as soon as school is over for a Valentine's afternoon with Kara. I have no idea what kind of party we're going to have, but I have eight hours to figure something out.


Autumn Ables said...

Oh, you're so awesome! What a great daddy you are!!!! I love everything little thing you did for your girls.

The fashion polise SHOULD be in action with some of the outfits these kids are wearing these days...hello 80's all ove4r again isn't my idea of good fashinon. hehe

Ok- so I thought you lived in Dallas? And is Kara in the hospital or what? I wasn't expecting you to write that you were leaving to visit her.

I hope you had a wonderful V-DAY...

Don said...

Thanks, Autumn.

We live in Willow Park, which is 50 miles or so west of Dallas. Kara is living in some condos in Dallas so she can be closer to treatment.

I think a full explanatory post is in order, so watch this space.

Malia said...

How sweet! That looked like an awesome breakfast! Lucky Girls! Take care! Aloha!