Friday, February 8, 2008

Cold and Flu Season

Monday and Tuesday, I felt like I was fighting something. Wednesday evening it fought back hard, and it won a few rounds. Runny nose, achy muscles - the works.

I went to bed Wednesday night hoping to get some rest and relief. I awoke shivering at 1:30, and decided to turn the heater up a bit. I usually keep it around 65 at night - that's what blankets are for - but figured that keeping a sick person warm was worth a few bucks in electricity.

However, the temperature had dropped to 62, and while the thermostat showed that the heater was on, the eerie silence told me otherwise. I fiddled with the buttons a bit, but could not coax the heater to life.

I put on an extra blanket and a second shirt, but I was still shivering so hard I thought I would bite my tongue. At that point I got up and took a hot shower, and by the time I was done I was warm and relaxed enough to go back to sleep.

And the problem with the heater? Nothing. As soon as the heater guy made the 40 mile drive to our house yesterday, it started working again.


Autumn Ables said...

ARGHH!! Of, course. Murphy's law.

I'm sorry your feeling yucky. I hate it when I'm sick. Right now I have a sore throat but that's all good because... ALL 5 of of my children {I'll type it again...ALL 5} have Strep Throat. They were diagnosed today and so they will be staying home from church, for sure. I teach in Primary so I will be going...

Feel better...Sip some good 'ole Chicken Noodle Soup. YUM.

Marcia Mickelson said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Mahina said...

oh, don't you hate that? it always seems to happen to us that way. it won't work for us, but once someone comes to look at it, whatever it is, it works for them! arrrgh!

i despise being sick! i hope you get feeling better very soon!