Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Roundup 2/28/09

We had a great week - lots going on. It's almost too busy sometimes. But it's a good kind of busy.

Last Saturday, we went to a BYU-Hawaii Alumni reunion at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue in Plano. It took us 90 minutes to get there, but it's still a lot closer than Kaneohe. We had a good time and good food. The girls did okay with the food, although their favorite was the malasadas. Yeah, that sounds about right.

This weekend was really, really busy. It started on Friday night, when Anna went to the Valentine's Masquerade dance at the middle school, which was rescheduled after the big snow a couple of weeks ago.

She said only 10% of the attendees actually danced, and 90% of the kids practiced the fine art of wallflowering. Sounds about right for a bunch of 12- and 13-year olds.

Saturday morning, Alyssa and I went to Ft Worth for the Cowtown 5k race. It was all of 29 degrees when we left - brr! We dressed up nice and warm, though.

Compare that picture of Alyssa and I to this one of us at the same race, two years ago. She's really growing up! And no, Anna opted not to run this year.

We parked in the remote lot and took the bus, which for Aly was half of the fun.

Then we waited and waited in the cold for the race to start.

There were tons of runners despite the cold, and we ended up near the back of the group.

In fact we were so far back that we didn't get lost with everyone else - apparently the leaders took a wrong turn, and the rest of the runners followed along, ending up with a 2k race instead of 5k.

Alyssa's style could best be described as "pulse running" - she would run about 10 steps, and then walk 20, and then run again. No such thing as finding a pace with this one.

We finished - sort of. We ended up back at the finisher's square, although we didn't ever actually find the finish line. Oh, well.

When we got home, there was a message waiting for me - a friend of ours has season tickets to the Fort Worth Symphony, and couldn't use them. Would I like them?

I talked Anna into dressing up and going to the Bass Concert Hall with me. The seats we had were awesome, and the concert was fabulous.

All in all, it was a great week.


Jana said...

Love your photos! Well done on the 5K run. Is that a Hawaiian quilt I see behind you? It's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...
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