Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alyssa Runs Amok with the Camera

It seemed a simple enough request: "Alyssa, come here so we can take a picture of your braces for the blog."

We had a visit to the orthodontist yesterday, and everyone was quite pleased with the movement of Alyssa's teeth. And since we posted "before" pictures here, it seemed only fair that we show you the "after" as well.

But Alyssa had other ideas.

She took off and hid in my closet. I snapped this picture just as I opened the door.

Then she got into a tickle fight with her sister.

Then she wanted to see the pictures on the camera, so I let her. But once she had looked at them, she decided it was her turn to take some photos. She ran around the house, snapping pictures of everyone and everything.

We did finally get her to smile for the camera and show us how far her bottom teeth have moved.

Her teeth look great, don't you think?


!nge said...

Love it!

Renee K said...

Looking good, not too bad at photography either