Monday, July 13, 2009

Alyssa and the Big One-Oh

This weekend, it was Alyssa's turn to slip into double-digit territory. We had her tenth birthday party on Saturday, while the big day itself came on Sunday.

Alyssa and Anna were such good supervisors as I made the birthday cake.

Anna asked if she could run the party. I was quite glad to turn the reins over to her and let her be in charge. She made planned the theme (A Day on the Farm) planned the games, decorated, and put together the goody bags.

She recruited her friend Cassie to come and help.

We held the party at a nearby park, and had five of Alyssa's friends show up, plus a few parents and three of her aides from school.

They did an animal scavenger hunt, and played "Pin the Tail on the Pig."

Alyssa had a great time, and had a pretty good haul.

The cake turned out OK, although even by 10:00 am it was hot enough to melt the run sugar. Fortunately, there was also a breeze. In fact, it was so breezy that I almost didn't get the candles lit. How Kara managed to get a picture during the 3.5 seconds they were both lit is a mystery to me.

Then on Sunday we sang, opened presents and ate cake again.

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa! What a fun day. I love the pin the tail on the pig and the matching cake! Such fun memories.