Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Real Life Blog Award

My friend Jewel, over at Pink Ink, gave me a blog award:

This award is for bloggers that blog about real life. I'm not exactly sure what Marie Antoinette has to do with real-life blogging, but hey! I'll take it.

I'd like to thank all of my blog readers for their support and comments, even though I don't get nearly as many comments as some other bloggers I'm aware of. Still, I know you're out there reading, and it motivates me to keep writing. (And I know I'm behind at least two tags - I'll get to them soon!)

I'd also like to thank Kara, Anna, and Alyssa, for giving me lots of great topics to blog about. I'm not going to thank the van, because I don't want to blog about any more car trouble.

Now I come to the trickiest part of the award - nominating 7 others. It's not that I can't think of 7 other blogs to award - quite the opposite is true. I follow over 100 blogs, and many of them would certainly count as being award-worthy. But narrowing the field down to 7 is not an easy task.

OK - I've decided. The blogs listed below are always good for a fun, honest slice of life. I had a much longer list, and really had to work to trim it down to 7. I'm left with a good mix of family, new friends, long time friends (notice I didn't say old) and people I've met only through the blogosphere.

A Good Day - My long time friend Nicole talks about her life as an Army Wife and Disneyaholic.

Christensen Happenings - Another long time friend Elizabeth shares the fun and humorous happenings of her family.

Cranberry Corner - Jenna is a friend of a friend (of a friend?) and I always enjoy her insights and antics

Life with the Rich's - I came across Sheila and Keoni's blog while doing research for my book (I mention it here - item 2) and have really enjoyed following along. This is where I got the idea for the Activity Advent Calendar - thanks, guys!

Noreen and Allen Macbean - This is my sister and her husband. I do many fun things vicariously through them.

Wendy's Tiki Hut - I also came across Wendy doing research for my book. Wendy is an Air Force wife stationed in Hawaii, and her blog regularly makes me smile.

What is a Sundial In the Shade - Josi shares hilarious stories and excellent writing advice - two things I can never get enough of.

There - that wasn't so hard, after all. To the winners - thanks for making my life and Internet browsing just that much more enjoyable. I'm supposed to tell you to pass the award on to 7 others, but then I would feel like I'm being overbearing and bossy...


Pink Ink said...

Are you saying I am overbearing and bossy? :-)

Hey those are some good clicks. Anything to do with the tropics is always a draw for me.

On your van: LOL

PS Come to think of it, what DOES Marie Antoinette have to do with the award?? :-)

Nicole said...

Thanks for the award. It's not that hard to write about "real life" though when that's what you live. The interesting thing is how many people care about hearing about it - and how many people's lives I care about reading about! Who needs "reality TV" when I have my friends' real lives?

Don said...

Jewel, you said "or not" in the part about passing it on, so you avoid the "bossy" label - for now.

Nicole, I have to agree. The fact that these blogs are really, truly "reality" is what makes them so good.

The only "reality" TV we watch is Americas Funniest Home Videos - the only true "reality" show out there. IMHO.

Elizabeth said...

It's such an honor just to be nominated!!! You like me, you really like me. And the biggest surprise of the day goes to...Me! Someone is actually reading my blog???

Thanks Don, blogging has truly been a fun outlet for me. It was born out of a desire to escape reality (I've only eluded to it once... 10/31/08) and has evolved into a "rose colored glasses" rememberance of my REAL life. Plus, I have a twisted sense of humor and I want it documented.


Jenna Consolo said...

Well, shucks! Thanks! Did I know you were a friend of a friend of a friend? Who? I thought we were just friends! :)

Elizabeth said...

aaahhhh....I don't think I know 7 people...

Don said...

Elizabeth, blogging is a fun escape. I'm glad you do it.

Jenna, of course we're friends now. I meant that I met you through the blog of a mutual friend - should have said that, huh. As to who, it could have been any of a number of writerly people - I forget exactly who now.

Don said...

And start looking, Elizabeth. Your assignment is to find 7 blogs you like before going to bed tonight.

Go! Go! Go!

I know, I know - "overbearing and bossy."

Serious Sam said...

You deserve an award. Congrats!

Josi said...

Ahh, thanks so much Don. That made my day. And I think Marrie Antoinette relates to reality in that she could only avoid it for so long, and then she paid the ultimate price for being so unconscious about the world she lived within. So perhaps we're not supposed to be like her. That's my best guess.

wendy said...

Hi Don! Thanks! Your award made me smile!

sheila said...

Mahalo for the award. It was very nice of you.