Friday, December 19, 2008

Seen and Heard - December Edition

Seen: The neighbor boy in his exclusive wardrobe - shorts and a T-shirt - despite the 40 degree weather. I have never seen him wear anything else. Note Anna in the purple parka, with a mock turtleneck and sweater underneath. It really was quite chilly, especially by Texas standards.


Seen: Alyssa eating Christmas Nuggets at school. They sounded so good, I had to join her.


Seen: A couple of "elves" in the living room, wrapping up Christmas.

Heard (just before Alyssa's bus got home): "OK; now what are we going to do with all these presents?"

Seen: Presents stuffed into every corner of the master closet.

Heard: "Why this?" as Alyssa, who's eye level is different from everyone else's, points at a present hidden in the closet

Heard: "Why does the closet smell like Scotch tape?"

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Tammy Warren/Cricket said...

First time over. I saw you on Pink Ink. I love the honesty in this blog.

Have a Merry Christmas.