Monday, July 12, 2010

Fabulous News Report on Lyme

Sharon Rose, of WCSH TV station in Portland, Maine just did a 4 part series on chronic lyme. I must say I think it's the best news coverage I've ever seen on chronic lyme. It's accurate, informative and interesting.

They interviewed 4 patients who told their stories. All sound familiar to me in one way or another. Even though each person with lyme experiences different symptoms, one lyme patient can nearly always identify another. I can identify with each of these patients in several ways. The 2nd lady they interviewed has lyme-induced chemical sensitivity. I think she did a superb job of clearly explaining how chemicals effect her.

Here's the link to the stories. On the left is an article. On the right are the 4 stories. The 1st one is at the bottom. Watch from the bottom up. Each is 4-6 minutes, so not too long.

Sam Donta, the physician in the first segment, is one of a few Lyme Literate physicians in the United States. Lyme Literate physicians (LLMDs) know what the lyme bacteria and other tick borne co-infections are capable of and how to treat them.

I am so thankful LLMDs are here to help us. Their numbers are small but they repair thousands of lives. Healing from late stage or long term lyme disease is no small task. It is a long road and it is a blessing to have doctors who are dedicated to helping us heal.


jsdaniels said...
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LymeFighter11 said...


I need your daughter's email address, email would be best if that's okay for her!(:

That list of stuff you have sounds actually just like minee. I am actually at the doctor's right now hooked up to the IV & I did the MSA earlier. & what i have is just like you.

The doctor is great i feel like i'm on the right track for once!

I am actually heading out to Colorado & Wyoming tomorrow. So i won't be able to respond until i get back on July 30. But give me your daughyers email & i'd be happy to email her when I get home.

I hope you are feeling good! Is everything going good? talk to you on the 30.

Love & hugs, Alexa