Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Used and Abandoned

So Saturday, after I got the mud washed off of me and my tools, it was time for the weekly grocery shopping trip. I like taking one (but not both!) of the girls with me, as it's fun to have someone to talk to as I go from store to store. Neither one really likes going, though. However, I still ask anyway.

When I asked Alyssa if she wanted to go to Costco and get some samples, she said, "Park?"

I agreed that if she came with me, we could stop at the park (or in this case, the playground at her school).

While I pushed her on the swings, it occurred to me that I had forgotten the RedBox video, which needed to be returned. So we drove back home to get the movie.

Once we were there, Alyssa insisted that I leave her at home.

"Don't you want to go to Costco and get samples?"

"No! Me home." There was no convincing her otherwise, and I ran my errands all alone. She'd gotten her trip to the park, and nothing else mattered.

Used and abandoned by my own child.

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