Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween At Sea World - Seen and Heard

The girls and I had a great time at Sea World yesterday. I will attempt to share the fun of the day in Seen and Heard format, with a Texted thrown in for good measure.

Seen: Anna watching cartoons on her computer instead of getting ready to go.
Heard: Dad - Anna, come on and get in the car. It's time to go.
Anna - But I haven't eaten breakfast yet!

Seen: Some kind of butterfly migration taking place near San Antonio and making a mess of our windshield.

Seen: Anna and Alyssa loving on each other while posing at the Trick or Treat Street props. (Sadly, Alyssa was too old to participate in the Trick or Treat Street.)

Seen: This guy, standing ten feet tall, wearing a glittery blue fish on his head, and giving me a great idea for a character in a future novel.

Seen: Alyssa absolutely refusing to pose with a mermaid.

Heard: Alyssa insisting on posing with this couple, and Anna being the one to refuse.

Seen and Heard: The Count, Elmo, and the gang. Alyssa loved this show even more than I expected. Anna was a good sport about it.

Seen: Dad carrying Alyssa through half of the Haunted Forest, which was in "Family Friendly" mode, meaning full daylight and without the actors who jump out and say "Boo!"

Heard: Alyssa - Yeah, me go spooky place again.
Dad - You want to go back to the Spooky Forest?
Alyssa - Yes.
Dad - No way. You were already freaked out before, and I had to carry you. Now it's dark and they have the people who jump out and scare you.
Alyssa - Yeah, me go!
(We didn't.)

Heard: Dad - Repeatedly nagging the girls to ride on a roller coaster with him.
Anna and Alyssa - No!

Seen: Dad bribing the girls with ice cream to sit and wait for him while he rides The Great White roller coaster.

Heard: Dad (On the first big drop) - Whoooooooo!
Alyssa (At a picnic table very near the roller coaster) - Dad?

Texted: Anna to Dad - Heard you screaming.
Dad to Anna - I was cheering.

Seen: Dad and Alyssa sitting outside a gift shop while Anna goes in to buy a post card. Anna then comes out and hands Dad a bag.
Anna - I don't want anyone to think I'm stealing this. (She hands over a previously-purchased nick-knack, while in her other hand is the as yet UN-purchased post card.)

Seen: A dad and his girls enjoying their Halloween. We hope you had a fun one, too!


Josi said...

So, Mermaids: Bad. Ghouls: Good? Got it :-)

sheila said...

THAT looks like a fun Halloween to me!

and YES, I'd love that peanut butter cookie recipe.