Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finding My Way Around the Island

Well, back to school went as smoothly as could be expected this week. Neither girl was particularly excited, but they like school well enough to only complain sometimes.

Over the holidays the scale and I had an uneasy truce, and I only gave up a little bit of ground. This week I went back on the offensive. I've been doing Wii Fit most mornings, and it's been pretty effective at helping me whittle away the stress pounds I gained since moving. But this week I got serious, adding calorie counting to my regimen.

My goal is to be well under 200 lbs by April, so I can look good when pitching my book at the writer's conference. That's only one pound a week, so it should be very doable.

I hope to start running a bit out of doors as we head into spring, but for now I've been doing virtual running on Wii Fit Island. (Dad - I've looked, but haven't seen any virtual cows...)

For those unfamiliar with this exercise, I put a Wii remote in my pocket and run in place while watching my chubby little Mii run around the island, like so:

The paths are fun, but although there are quite a few landmarks visible around the island that I should be able to run to, it seemed to me that I was always running the same path. Frustrated at my inability to get to the lighthouse and the windmills and the tall footbridge, I decided to turn to that great repository of all knowledge, the Internet.

Google led me to this post explaining that the secret to running new paths on the island is - get this - following the dogs. See, every once in a while, a little dog will run by, and if I run fast enough to pass my guide at that moment, I will begin following the dog. The dog will then lead me on a different path.

I've only taken two of the new paths so far, and there are quite a few left for me to explore. That should be enough to keep me going until I decide to go outside and run up and down the cul-de-sac. Up and down and up and down.

On second thought, maybe I'll stick to running on the island.


Stephanie Humphreys said...

Hmmm...follow the dogs? I'' have to try that.

I'm still working on your manuscript but hope to get it back to you sometime next week.

Josi said...

I'm a Wii idiot, so I had no idea you could do running. What if you did it on a mini tramp? I've heard that burns more calories. Anyway, way to go, Don, can't wait to see your sleek svelte self at the conference!

Julie Wright said...

DARN YOU!!!! How dare you make me think my husband is right in wanting us to get a wii!

Pink Ink said...

How fun. I've tried to talk hubby into a Wii, but no bites. Julie, give in to your hubby!! :-)

Funny how getting into a "conference look" is part of the game, huh?

wendy said...

The image of the little dog is so cute! We are way in the dark ages and have no Wii, but wii-fit makes it almost sound worth it. Especially for next year when we leave our island home and I have to start thinking about running in the snow...