Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Dresses and McCall Ball

Each year, my mother-in-law springs for new Easter dresses for the girls. When they were small, shopping for dresses was a lot of fun - pile them both in the car and hit a couple of shops at the mall.

Now that they are older - especially Anna - the trip has become a bit more complicated.

For one thing, Alyssa is still in girls sizes (just barely) while Anna is in misses, so they aren't in the same section of the store. One of them will always be bored, and bored is bad.

Yesterday I decided to take them out separately. I made Alyssa go with me during my regular grocery run, and we tacked on the mall. She was very excited to see the Easter Bunny. Fortunately, she didn't want to sit on his lap - just walk by and wave.

I found a dress for her at JCPenny, which was only our second stop. Whew!

Anna is not one for doing much shopping. It didn't require a headlock or bribe to get her into the truck this time, but I was starting to worry.

We also went to JCPenny, where she found a couple of dresses she really liked. Both were sleeveless, low-cut summer dresses, but Anna was prepared with an undershirt, which is how she planned to wear them.

The first didn't fit right through the straps, and the second wasn't in her size. So I went to the front of the store, where we had seen the same dress on a mannequin, and asked the helper guy what size that dress was. It was a 6, which is what we needed!

He tried getting the dress off of the dummy, but it wouldn't come. He finally ended up removing both arms and splitting the body at the torso before the dress would come off.

It's a good thing Anna was in the dressing room at the time, or I'm certain she'd have died from embarrassment.

Sadly, the dress was just a little too tight through the middle.

Our second stop was Belk, and after a little bit of searching, we found this bright, sunny yellow number.

Two pretty girls.

Then last night, Anna went to the Young Women's broadcast, and Alyssa and I went to the McCall Ball - a daddy-daughter dance at her school. We even danced a little bit.

Alyssa had a lot of friends tell her how pretty they thought her dress was.


Tristi said...

Easter dresses ... sigh. I'm so glad you were able to find something good for your daughters. I really struggle to find dresses for my daughter - she's in the older sizes too, and I can only find stuff designed to make her look like Daisy Duke. Drives me insane!

You did good, Dad - both dresses are great and the girls look beautiful.

Don said...

Yeah, there are plenty of the "wrong" style dresses around here, too. The one we found would not count as modest without the undershirt layer, but fortunately Anna is willing to go that route. And we skip the teen section entirely and go straight to Misses. Or is that Juniors? I don't know which is which - just where to find them in the store.

karraleem said...

LOVE the dresses! Both girls look awesome!