Sunday, December 6, 2009

Honor Band Anna

A couple of weekends ago, Anna spent nearly her entire Saturday with the rest of her band friends auditioning for a spot in one of the two All-Region Middle School Honor Bands. The region covers a pretty good chunk of the surrounding area, and includes probably a dozen middle and junior high schools.

Now, bear in mind that auditioning is not Anna's favorite thing. Add to that the way she aggressively guards Saturday time, and it becomes clear that the only way Anna would agree to do this audition was if it counted towards her grade.

Which it does.

So she did.

But despite not wanting to spend her Saturday auditioning, she made third chair in the second band, which was very exciting!

It also meant that she would have to give up another Saturday for rehearsals and the concert. Said Saturday was yesterday.

The combined bands practiced all day Friday - into the early evening - and then again Saturday morning, with the concert early Saturday afternoon.

She did a great job, despite feeling like a penguin in her band uniform. Congratulations, Anna!

Next concert, this Thursday evening. It's a busy baritone season.

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