Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Annual Carey Family Gingerbread House

It was an epic holiday project two and a half weeks in the making!

Well, okay - maybe it wasn't really all that much. But it did manage to take two and a half weeks. However, the gingerbread house is now done, and bringing joy and laughter to all who see it.

Here's how it went down.

I mixed up our favorite gingerbread dough way back on November 29th, and then put it into the fridge to chill for two hours. Six days later, I took the dough out of the fridge, and rolled it out onto parchment paper.

I then cut out the five pieces that make up this modernist masterpiece and backed them to perfection.

After the pieces spent six days hardening, I put them together using nasty white frosting made from stale Crisco.

The unconventional design is so the finished product can live under glass.

Then the next day I attempted to move the house to its home on the cake plate, and it totally fell apart.

So the next time I put it together, it was on the cake plate itself. Then last night - finally! - I got the girls together and we decorated.

I mixed up a batch of thick run sugar (powdered sugar and water) and colored it green with some vegetable dyes we bought, and set Anna to work coloring the ice cream cone trees.

I piped on doors and windows, and then laid out the licorice sidewalk. Notice the marshmallow snowmen under the dome. We made those shortly after mixing up the dough. I especially like the little ET.

Then we took turns embellishing with candy canes, Sundrops, and jelly beans - all with natural colors, of course. Even the gummy worms and fruit slices are colored with fruit juice.

I bought enough candy to cover a small mansion, so there is a lot left over. In a fleeting moment of strength, I gave the bag to Kara and told her to hide it - I know I could never keep my hands off otherwise.

Then I made it "snow" on the roof and ground and landscaped with Anna's trees. Sadly there was only room for one snowman, but I think he looks sharp.

Since food smells can sometimes be a problem around here, I designed the house to fit under the cake plate. This will also have the added benefit of keeping the goodies free of dust, just in case we decide to eat the thing come New Years Day.


One Cluttered Brain said...

Busting up laughing at the nasty white frosting with stale crisco. I cheated. (I bought a premade gingerbread recipe. I know shoot me, I'm sorry.)
Kids had more fun eating the candy then decorating the house!
I'll post pics of my house a bit later...Your is AWESOME compared to mine...:)

Josi said...

It's obvious that this is a Texas house; in Utah that roof would cave in underneath the weight of the snow after the very first storm. :-)

Glad you guys had such a good time, it's awesome.