Tuesday, June 15, 2010

La'ie Friends Party

I grew up in La'ie, a small town on the island of O'ahu in Hawaii. La'ie is home to BYU-Hawaii, sister campus to BYU in Utah, and this is one reason the populations of the two places are very interconnected. In fact, I think there are more of my friends from Hawaii living in Utah than there are still in Hawaii.

Whenever I visit family in Utah, I invariably run into people I knew in Hawaii, and we spend time catching up and talking about mutual friends. The conversation usually ends with, "We should try and get everyone together some time."

Well, this trip I decided to make it 'some time' and organize a get-together.

We planned for an evening at the park, but the weather was not in a cooperative state, so we moved to a nearby church building.

My sisters and I, along with our families, got the cultural hall in the church set up by five, and then waited. Three other people showed up.

I was a little disappointed in the turnout, as we had almost 100 people mark themselves as either Attending or Maybe on our Facebook event. But I knew the weather would be a factor. And I hoped that, in true Hawaiian Style, people would eventually trickle in as the evening progressed.

And that's just what happened. Beginning around 6:30, more and more people came until we had nearly two dozen friends, plus their families.

Most were friends of my sisters and I.

Near the end, Ka'au Alapa arrived with his beautiful and talented family. Once the music started, the party went from "fun" to "outstanding."

I even broke out my ukulele and sang a little. Ka'au has enough talent to make anyone sound good.

It was suggested more than once that this event become an annual affair. I think that would be great. Hopefully with a regular event, more and more people will be able to make it.

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!nge said...

I'll definitely be there next year ... so sad that I was too flaky and scheduled another trip the same weekend. Looks like you had fun!