Friday, April 30, 2010

Many Thanks to Angel Flight

The last couple of weeks, I've been in the process of writing "my story" in preparation for May which is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. These many trips down memory lane have brought back both warm memories and painful ones. Today, I'd like to share with you some warm memories -- those when I was flown as a patient by Angel Flight.

Angel Flight is a nationwide service organization that provides non-emergency medical transportation in private aircraft. The pilots donate their time and aircraft to fly patients in need.

During one chapter of my "healing adventure" I was being treated by a doctor at a specialty clinic in Dallas, TX. I was on TPN (total parenteral nutrition or IV nutrition). I needed to stay fairly close to the clinic so they could adjust my IV depending on lab results and how I was feeling. At the time, our family was living in Utah. It was very difficult being separated from them during such a stressful time.
Traveling was very hard on me at the time. I could not fly on a regular airline due to my low immune system and severe chemical allergies. Not to mention the fact that our budget was beyond stretched due to medical expenses.

This is where Angel Flight came into the picture. Don and I are both involved with the organization and love it! Read more about that here.

Many heartfelt thanks go out to the Angel Flight Pilots who flew me back and forth from Salt Lake City, UT to Dallas, TX so I could see my family while I was in treatment and on TPN. You lifted my spirits and brought light into my life during a very difficult time. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Angel Flight is better for having you as a part of it Kara. Thanks for sharing your story!!

- Josh

Jana said...

What an amazing volunteer organization! We're so blessed to have that in America. Looking forward to reading your story. Take care.